RCR at the Ellensburg Rodeo Parade – Aug 30th
September 1, 2014

Rodeo City Rollergirls had a great time bartending at the Rodeo and participating in the Parade this Labor Day weekend! Follow us on Twitter, there are some fun photos there!
We hope you had a great weekend and are looking for a new hobby, give Roller Derby a TRY! We are always looking for more volunteers to join us! We are recruiting skaters, referees, non-skating officials and more! Check out this page for more info —> Join Us!

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RCR at Ellensburg’s Rodeo & Fair – Labor Day Weekend
August 26, 2014

Rodeo City Rollergirls will be at Ellensburg’s Rodeo & Fair this Labor Day Weekend. You will see us bartending at the Rodeo in Section 9 all weekend and participating in the parade on Saturday. We hope to see you there! Ask us about derby and our next bout!
You can also read about getting involved with RCR here, Join Us! or get info on our next home bout here, Events page!

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Pizza Colin challenges RCR! – August 26th

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Get Involved! – July 9th
July 9, 2014

We are taking a bit of a summer break in July & August, but don’t let that stop YOU from joining us for some fun! We will still be practicing and we are always looking for new people to join our league. We are looking for skaters, referees, non-skating officials, and volunteers. There is something for everyone in our league! No experience needed! We will teach you the ways of roller derby!

Check out this page for more a little more information: Join Us!

Who to contact if you want to jump right in, or have any questions:
Interested in becoming a Rodeo City Rollergirl?
Contact Freshmeat: freshmeat@rodeocityrollergirls.com

Interested in becoming a referee?
Contact Sinforcer: ref@rodeocityrollergirls.com

Interested in helping out off skates?
Non-Skating Officials, Contact Natan: nso@rodeocityrollergirls.com
All others, Contact Lightning McQueenie: volunteer@rodeocityrollergirls.com

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Rodeo City’s Posse VS Slaughter County Roller Vixens – June 21st
June 22, 2014

Rodeo City traveled with a skeleton crew up to Bremerton, WA to take on the Slaughter County Roller Vixens last Saturday. Those ladies and gents were amazing hosts, we had so much fun! Thank you to the volunteers and fans who where there to help out and cheer us on. This was the last bout for another of our veteran skaters, Trouble EnparaDDDZ. This amazing lady is part of the heart and soul of Rodeo City Rollergirls! We are going to miss her very much, but she will still be around to cheer us on!

The final score was SCRV 165 to The Posse 131. The Vixens voted Warpaint Wendi as our MVP! She is our Posse captain and pushes herself to the limit every bout!

We hope you can come see us at our next home bout on September 20th. We will be taking on Jet City’s CarnEvil because we can’t get enough of those ladies! Get Tickets, here!

Thanks to our dedicated RCR photographer Bryan Clark who was there to capture some of the action! Check it out on our photos page.

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